How Dental Bonding Revamps Your Smile and Dental Outlook

How Dental Bonding Revamps Your Smile and Dental Outlook

Oct 01, 2020

Having a perfect smile boosts your confidence, and a gap between your teeth, chips, and discoloration hinders an appealing outlook. You can undergo a bonding procedure to seal and correct your imperfections. The cosmetic dentist near you can determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the dental bonding procedure. Tooth-colored composite resins are applied on your teeth to repair damages and provide you with a vibrant dental appearance. The cosmetic option is significant, and our dentist in Katonah, NY, handles it within a single appointment.

What’s Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding refers to a cosmetic procedure that involves the application of composite resin on your tooth surfaces. It’s vital to repair your dental imperfections and improve your procedure is simple, and it requires a single dental visit. It would be best if you visit our dentist in Katonah, NY, to transform your smile by correcting cracked, chipped, stained, broken, or gapped teeth.

The bonding procedure requires minimal preparation, and there’s no need for administering local anesthesia. However, your cosmetic dentist may use anesthesia while replacing your old fillings, and if your teeth are severely decayed.

During the procedure, your affected tooth is roughened with gel to ensure the bonding material adheres to your tooth. A composite resin is applied and hardened via ultraviolet light. Polishing is done to shape your tooth and render desired outcomes and shade guide to determine the ideal composite resin that resembles your natural teeth color. The resin material is molded to take the shape of your tooth.

Why You Need to Undergo a Teeth bonding Procedure

Dental bonding in Katonah aims at fixing various defects on your teeth. You can undergo the procedure to repair discolored, cracked, or decayed teeth. Your dentist can determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the option. Unlike with veneers and crowns, bonding doesn’t involve tooth surface removal. It’s vital in repairing stains, chips, tooth sizes, and fluorosis. The addition of composite material to your teeth revamps your smile and the outlook of your dental.

Your dental practitioner can use bonding after you’ve undergone treatment through braces to repair past damages by teeth clenching or chipping. Aligned teeth may appear shorter than adjacent teeth, and the bonding material builds them up to have the same shape and size. It’s vital to consider a dental bonding procedure if you have the following conditions:

  • Close spaces between your teeth
  • Longer teeth than usual size
  • Severely decayed teeth that require composite resin fillings
  • Discolored teeth that can’t be transformed by a dental whitening procedure
  • Having cracked or chipped teeth
  • Uneven teeth that need changing their shape
  • If you have receding gums and a portion of your tooth’s root is exposed

Dental Bonding in Katonah, NY, corrects your dental imperfections and provides you an appealing smile. Our cosmetic dentists ensure your smile is transformed, and your confidence is regained. The option can serve as an alternative to amalgam fillings, based on your dental status.

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Bonded Teeth

Your bonding depends on oral hygiene habits, and the resin material can quickly get stained, and you need to avoid taking foods that cause stains on your dental after your procedure. At Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry, we recommend you to utilize self-care tips to extend the longevity of your bonded teeth, including:

  • Scheduling regular dental cleaning appointments with your specialist
  • Regular flossing and cleaning of your teeth
  • Avoiding hard candy and foods
  • Minimizing the intake of coffee, tobacco, and tea may easily cause staining of your dental

If you are faced with unprecedented mouth trauma that causes chips or breakage to your bonding dental work, seek emergency dental care near you. Rough edges on your teeth after the procedure can also lead to further damage, and you need an immediate appointment. A successful bonding procedure will depend on the tooth segment that’s affected. Intake of chewy or hard foods may weaken your bonding material, especially if it’s close to your molar or premolar grooves.

Our dentist in Katonah, NY, may recommend avoiding biting with your front teeth if you’ve dental bonding, to avoid compromising with their structure. Your tooth-colored bonding can serve you for about eight years, depending on your biting and oral health lifestyle. It’s vital to undergo Dental Bonding in Katonah, NY, and transform your smile if your teeth are severely discolored. Please make an appointment with us and find an aesthetic smile today.

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