How Does Myobrace® Treatment Work?

How Does Myobrace® Treatment Work?

Mar 01, 2021

Would you agree that there are ways to eliminate braces in orthodontic treatments? Did you know that you could start orthodontic treatment for your children in their early development years?

Many parents have their children believe that they could benefit from orthodontic works for teeth straightening by addressing other problems like overbites, irregular bites, and underbites. Some children have tooth gaps that are way out of place, which can easily be treated by orthodontics.

Still, this question arises; how can you prevent orthodontics altogether? Our dentist at Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry recommends preventative treatments like Myobrace for its benefits.

Understanding Myobrace® Treatment

Myobrace is a pre-orthodontic treatment system that addresses the unnoticed causes of poor teeth alignment at an early stage. The system detects these changes while still aligning the existing teeth into position. The system usually does not involve the use of braces or teeth extraction.

Note that Myobrace® in Katonah best suits children aged 3 to 15 and uses a series of intra-oral removable appliances worn 1 or 2 hours each day. You can also wear them overnight while you sleep.

What Does the Treatment Do?

The Myobrace system presents the following benefits as a mode of preventative treatment to the user:

  • It enhances jaw and facial bone development
  • Minimizes the chances of having to use orthodontic work
  • It makes teeth straighter with relapse risks
  • It cuts on chances of ever developing teeth, mouth, and muscle problems.
  • It improves the position of the tongue and lips
  • Addresses problems like tongue-thrusting and breathing using the mouth.

How Does the Treatment Work?

If you wait until all the permanent teeth sprout to begin orthodontic treatment using braces, the damage caused can become irreversible. This might not only affects your child’s mouth but their overall health.

Poor mouth functions such as mouth-breathing and thumb sucking are evident even before all permanent teeth develop. This means you can start the Myobrace treatment as early enough as 3-years of age.

The design of Myobrace in Katonah, NY, aims to correct dysfunctional oral habits by helping your child breathe using the nose. It also aids in the correct resting of their tongues in the mouth, proper swallowing, and jaw widening, which allows them to grow and appear straight naturally without involving braces.

Myobrace involves using a series of intra-oral devices worn for an hour every day and overnight while sleeping. These appliances effectively help correct poor oral habits and promote mouth arching through forces that enable the jaws and teeth to align correctly.

In addition to the system, there is a patient education program called Myobrace Activities, performed twice a day to further aid in the correction of myofunctional habits. These activities involve consequent breathing, tongue swallowing, plus lips and cheeks training.

Treatment Stages

The treatment begins as soon as you recognize myofunctional oral habits. There are four treatment stages with Myobrace, as discussed below.

  • Habit Correction

During habit correction, the patient goes through a series of nose breathing exercises while avoiding mouth breathing. Your child is taught how to place the tongue in the correct position and maintain their lips together while they rest. (when not talking or eating)

These habits cause tooth crookedness and improper jaw growth, and correcting them ensures the jaw grows in the right size and shape, eliminating the future need for braces.

  • Arch Development

This stage can be combined with habit correction and widening the upper jaw to allow sufficient space to place the tongue and teeth growth. Children over seven years of age with underdeveloped jaws might need special techniques and appliances combined with the Myobrace System.

These appliances enhance additional jaw development, consequently hastening the treatment process.

  • Dental Alignment

The dental alignment stage comes in when children are developing their last permanent teeth. Compliance is essential for the treatment because the appliances are easily removable. When getting a Myobrace near you, patient co-operation is paramount. You have to wear the devices every day and overnight.

Final alignment using braces might be necessary to achieve optimal results.

  • Retention

The last stage of Myobrace in Katonah is retention. It focuses on ensuring that the patient maintains good oral habits, preventing the need to wear permanent braces or wires for long periods.

After braces removal, retainers are necessary to prevent the possibility of a relapse occurring. If the patients comply well and follow good oral habits, the Myobrace treatment provides more steady orthodontic outcomes and enhances overall health.

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