Is Oral Cancer Screening Necessary?

Is Oral Cancer Screening Necessary?

Jul 01, 2021

As a popular saying goes, prevention is better than cure. The resources spent while curing disease cannot be compared to the resources that would have been spent on preventing it. The prevention of dental diseases is as important as the prevention of the medical. A major way of preventing diseases is going for a regular checkup that will detect abnormalities in time and check them. Oral Cancer is a major oral health disease that can be checked on time with regular checkups.

Oral cancer is cancer that is found in the mouth. Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. Oral cancer is a type of cancer that grows in any part of the mouth. Oral cancer includes cancer of the mouth floor, lips, tongue, cheeks, palates, sinuses, and pharynx. Oral cancer may first appear as a sore in your mouth that doesn’t heal. It can be life-threatening if not discovered and treated early.

Symptoms Of Oral Cancer

  • Common symptoms of Oral cancer may include:
  • Intense mouth and ear pain. You might experience pain or discomfort in your mouth while chewing or swallowing. Also, you might experience earache and pain in the face generally.
  • Loose teeth. Oral cancer growth might cause tooth loss.
  • Sores. You might have sores in your mouth or on your lips that refuse to heal.
  • Discomfort in tooth prosthetics. If you wear dentures, for example, you might face difficulty fitting them with oral cancer growth.
  • Weight loss. You might lose weight drastically with uncontrollable oral cancer growth.
  • Numbness. There might be a numb feeling in your lips, neck, chin, and face generally.
  • Sore throat. You might feel pain in your throat while swallowing.
  • Stiffness of the jaw.

These are the most common symptoms of oral cancer. At the first sight or feel of any of these symptoms, you should go to any dentist that offers oral cancer screening near you.

Causes Of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer unlike some other diseases does not have a particular reason why it grows in the mouth. This is because non-involvement in the known causes does not eliminate your risks of developing it. Nevertheless, it does have a lot of factors involved which increases your risks of developing it and should be avoided.

Factors that increase the risk of oral cancer include:

  • Use of tobacco. The use of tobacco remains the biggest risk factor in not only oral cancer but other oral health problems. It includes the smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and even chewing tobacco. You might think since chewing tobacco doesn’t involve the inhalation of smoke, it is safe. But it is, in fact, as dangerous as smoking tobacco.
  • Human papillomavirus infection (HPV). HPV is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and certain strains of this disease increase the risk of Oral cancer. It causes Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC).
  • Poor nutrition. Poor nutrition is a risk factor for all types of diseases and infections. It leads to a weakened immune system which is an opener for all types of diseases to penetrate the body.
  • Genetics. A family history of oral cancer increases your chance of having it. Also, a previous diagnosis of oral cancer increases your risk of getting another one.
  • Exposure to the sun. Chronic exposure to the sun especially at a young age increases your risk of oral cancer growth.

Finally, men are twice more susceptible to oral cancer growth than women.

Oral Cancer Diagnosis

You can book oral cancer screenings in Katonah, NY, or anywhere with a certified dental clinic. Oral cancer screenings in Katonah can be done in every visit to your dentist as a standard screening takes just about two minutes.

There are two aspects of an oral screening exam and they are the visual or physical screening examination for you. Any dental device like dentures must be removed before the commencement of the examination.

Your dentist checks for lumps and any abnormalities in your mouth during a visual examination with some special screening devices. Devices like an oral brush biopsy are used to remove cells from the mouth without pain for testing. An oral lesion is used to help with clear visual scrutiny of the mouth tissues. During the physical examination, touch is very necessary as this would help your dentist to feel for lumps and other abnormalities.

Your oral health is just as important as your medical health. Go for regular dental checkups and have long-lasting oral health.

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