Oral Cancer Screening: What It’s All About

Oral Cancer Screening: What It’s All About

May 14, 2020

Having regularly scheduled dental visits could do more for you than just maintaining your beautiful smile. This is because, these dental visits give our dentist a chance to not only check on your overall oral health but to also conduct oral cancer screenings in Katonah, NY.

Oral cancer screenings near you will ideally involve a physical examination of your oral cavity and surrounding tissues by our dentist, to single out any signs of cancer or identify any precancerous conditions present in your mouth.

The ultimate target of oral cancer screenings in Katonah is to facilitate early cancer detection and increase a patient’s chance at securing prompt treatment regimens and recovery.

Why Is Getting an Oral Cancer Screening Important?

The main reason why our dentist performs oral cancer screening on patients is to facilitate early detection of oral cancer or any form of precancerous swellings that may result in oral cancer.

There are still disagreements within the medical fraternity on whether or not perfectly healthy individuals without any risk factors should still get screened for oral cancer.

Consulting with our dentist will help you make the right choice regarding whether you should or should not get screened.

However, it is highly advisable for people who have a high-risk factor of getting oral cancer to undergo regular oral cancer screenings in Katonah, NY.

Factors That Increase Your Chances of Getting Oral Cancer

Several factors may increase your chances of suffering from oral cancer.

It is recommended that if you are exposed to any of these risk factors, you should consult with our dentist who will help you decide on how frequently your oral cancer screening should be conducted.

Here are some of the factors:

  • If you have ever had oral cancer before
  • If you have daily significant exposure to the sun, which may increase your risk of getting lip cancer
  • If you are a heavy alcohol consumer
  • If you use any form of tobacco which may include cigarettes, using snuff, dip, cigars and chewing tobacco
  • If you have been diagnosed with an oral HPV (human papillomavirus)
  • Genetic factors

In case you are worried about your risk of getting oral cancer, talk to our dentist, you will be guided and advised on what tests will work for you and also on how to reduce your risk levels where possible.

What Can You Anticipate During a Routine Oral Cancer Screening?

Here is what you can expect during oral cancer screenings in Katonah

  1. A Visual Exam

What will be examined will include your face, lips, oral cavity, the inside of your nose, and neck. If you have any removable dental modifications such as dentures, our dentist will assist you in taking them out to ensure that the whole area within your oral cavity is exposed for the examination.

Our dentist will then check for any abnormalities like swellings, bumps, color variations, ulcerations and patches on your gums, tonsils, inner cheeks, the roof of the mouth, under the tongue and throat.

This examination will require the use of tools such as mirrors, light and a tongue depressor.

  1. Physical examination

A physical exam will involve our dentist examining your jawline, under your chin, head and cheeks for any masses or swellings. Your swallowing will be accessed to for any abnormalities.

  1. Tests

Our dentist may also order some additional tests to be conducted beside the previous examinations. This may involve the use of an oral cancer screening dye that is used to single out abnormal cells inside your mouth.

And the use of fluorescent light staining that usually makes abnormal tissues within your mouth have a white appearance when shone on them.

In case our dentist finds any abnormality worth investigating, you may be referred for further testing.

However, have in mind that this does not necessarily mean you have oral cancer.

Other additional tests may include:

  • Exfoliative Cytology

This procedure involves the use of a special brush to obtain cells from your lips, tongue, cheeks and throat for microscopic examination.

  • Biopsy

This involves the removal of cells from lesions to ascertain if they are abnormal and rule out oral cancer.

Getting an oral cancer screening should not make you feel uneasy in any way because this is entirely a precautionary measure. Regular screening during dental visits ensures that you will catch wind of the condition early enough meaning you will have more options in terms of treatment regimens.

Ensure you stick to your scheduled dental visits at Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry and let us help you stay at per with your oral cancer screening routine.


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