ATLAS® Mini Implants in Katonah, NY

Have you lost several of your teeth and are looking for restoration options? Dentures, dental bridges, and implants are some of the teeth replacement options that you have. Unfortunately, these options may not work for everyone. For starters, dentures are removable and may shift when you’re eating or talking. As a result, you may experience discomfort or embarrassing moments if you opt for dentures. Bridges are also removable and may not work when you’ve lost all your teeth.

This brings us to the final option of implants. Dental implants are artificial or fake tooth roots that are drilled into your jawbone to support your replacement teeth. For you to qualify for regular dental implants, you need to have sufficient jawbone and healthy gum tissue.

Here at Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry, we sometimes see patients who don’t want or cannot have conventional dental implants and yet want something more stable than dentures. In such situations, our dentist often recommends ATLAS mini implants. Mini implants are a modification of dental implants. They’re smaller in size and don’t require a lot of bone mass for installation. Mini implants are used to support dentures, thus making them more stable and comfortable.

Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry provides ATLAS mini implants in Katonah, NY. Call us today if you’re looking to transform your smile.

What to Expect During Treatment

The procedure for placing mini implants is similar to that of conventional dental implants. However, there are slight differences in that mini implants are less invasive in comparison to regular implants. During your appointment, our dentist in Katonah, NY, will make small incisions in your gum to access your jawbone and, after that, drill the mini implants into your bone.

After suturing your gums, the dentist may decide to stabilize the dentures during the same appointment or ask you to come back after a period of healing. Typically, mini implants require a shorter recovery period compared to regular implants.

Benefits of Mini Implants

  • ATLAS mini dental implants offer various benefits to patients, including:
  • Mini dental implants allow patients who cannot or don’t want to undergo invasive dental implant surgery to get the next best alternative.
  • ATLAS mini dental implants offer a quicker, and less expensive, solution for anyone missing one or several of their teeth.
  • Mini implants are ideal for elderly patients since the treatment procedure is short and straightforward.
  • Mini implants improve the stability and comfort of dentures.
  • You can get mini implants without the need for bone grafting and flap surgery.

Are you looking for tooth restoration that’s minimally invasive and doesn’t require months of recovery? You should consider getting ATLAS mini implants near you. Call Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry today to book an appointment. We guarantee you that you’ll love your new smile, and you will not have to wait months for it.

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