Cosmetic Dentistry in Katonah, NY

Many people consider a smile to be one of someone’s best features. A smile can convey warmth, friendliness, joy, and adoration. However, if your teeth have stains on them, then they might convey that you don’t take good care of your teeth. Thankfully, with the help of cosmetic dentistry, you can change how your teeth look so that they only convey a beautiful smile.

Removing Stains from Teeth

Many of the foods and drinks that people consume can leave behind stains that are difficult to remove by brushing alone. Foods and drinks that contribute to stains include those with bright colors like red wine or blueberries. Anything that can stain a tablecloth can add stains to your teeth.

Upon examining your teeth, one of our dentists at Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry can tell that you consume acidic drinks like sports drinks, cola, or other carbonated drinks. The acid in them softens the enamel of your teeth, which contributes to them getting stained.

Our dentists in Katonah can also tell what some of your habits are, like smoking tobacco products or drinking tea or coffee. Smoking or chewing tobacco leaves stains behind on your teeth, as does consume drinks like coffee or tea because of the tannins in them.

Erasing Stains with Teeth Whitening

Fortunately, our dentists at Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry can improve the appearance of your teeth with professional teeth whitening. Professional whitening involves using chemicals that are much stronger and more effective than those in commercial whitening products.

Our dentists near you in Katonah can get your teeth up to 10 shades lighter, and the effects can last up to two years. Commercial teeth whitening kits can get teeth two to five shades lighter, but they only last a few weeks before buyers will need to use them again.

The effects of other whitening products, like toothpaste or whitening strips, may only last about two weeks. Also, since they contain abrasive ingredients, consumers should use them sparingly as they can damage the enamel of your teeth.

By getting your teeth cleaned by our dental professionals at Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry in Katonah, you will have a bright white smile that you’ll always want to show others.

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