Dental Sealants in Katonah, NY

Protect your child’s teeth by opting for dental sealants near you at Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry.

Millions of American children suffer from tooth decay and cavities due to poor oral hygiene, intake of excessive sugar, and starch-diets. At times, dental health can be inherited genetically too. Molars (our back teeth that we use to grind our teeth) are more prone to cavities and decay as the surfaces are uneven, and they tend to have deep grooves and ridges. Molars are more likely to trap bacteria due to leftover food particles.

Our dentist in Katonah, NY, offers a wide range of preventive and restorative options for children as well as adults. Feel free to drop in for a chat about getting dental sealants for your child or yourself.

How Tooth Decay Occurs and Progresses

Tooth pain is usually the final stage of tooth decay. When we eat food, our saliva acts on the starch, and over time, this leads to the formation of a sticky film called plaque. Millions of bacteria live in this plaque, and they produce acids that eventually break down the tooth enamel and structure.

Tooth decay usually begins with deteriorating enamel, and the decay finally spreads to the pulp where blood vessels, nerves, and tissue are located. Once it reaches this stage, the patient may develop an abscess and finally lose the tooth.

Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry in Katonah, NY, specializes in pediatric as well as adult dentistry, and our team is always happy to welcome new patients into our family.

Dental Treatments Are Quick and Painless

To protect your child from pain and discomfort, it’s a good idea to get dental sealants applied to their teeth. The dental sealant hardens in a few seconds and forms a protective barrier between the tooth and bacteria. This is known to be an extremely effective way to prevent decay and caries.

It’s much easier to treat tooth decay during initial stages, and this is we recommend that patients come in for regular bi-annual exams. Contact Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry for more information on preventive and restorative dental treatment options.

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