Dental Implants in Katonah, NY

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), the majority of people will have lost 12 of their permanent teeth by the age of 55. Missing permanent teeth causes numerous health issues and can also have an impact on a person’s self-confidence and esteem.

At Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry, we specialize in restorative dentistry to help patients recover healthy smiles. For our patients who are missing permanent teeth, we offer dental implants. Our modern office can install an implant in Katonah using the latest technology, improving overall oral health and wellness in as little as one appointment.

What Is a Dental Implant?

At its core, the dental implant is a synthetic tooth designed to replace one which is missing. It consists of two parts: a durable titanium root and a composite resin or porcelain crown. The root is inserted through the gums and into the jawbone, which grows around the metal to hold it in place. The crown can then be screwed on top.

The implant is ideal for someone who is missing teeth but would like to engage in regular activities like biting, eating, and chewing without discomfort.

Reasons to Receive a Dental Implant

Dental implants are one of the few restorative procedures that actually help stimulate bone growth. The jawbone needs to be stimulated on a regular basis through the pressure caused by chewing and talking. Otherwise, it starts to decay. Dental implants overall also help individuals regain their independence and natural oral health and wellness, since they make chewing, speaking, and swallowing easier for those who have missing teeth.

Implants are also durable and convenient. They don’t decay like regular teeth and are also less prone to discoloration, meaning they last a long time and look great. Maintenance is also easy since the implant just requires regular brushing and flossing to keep the gum around the crown healthy. Finally, implants are also aesthetically pleasing and can create a complete smile.

If you are considering the installation of dental implants near you, schedule an appointment with Golden’s Bridge Family Dentistry today for high-quality care and treatment.

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